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Hello! My dog was just neutered, and..

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Hi- My name is Christina and my maltipoo, Max was just neutered today- He is a year old and is about 8 lbs. I picked him up about 3 hours ago, and he will not relax ever since. He had an undescended testicle so they had to make 2 incisions. Whenever I try to pick him up to carry him to my bed or somewhere more comfortable, he yelps and tries to run away from me. He freaks out so much that I'm afraid to touch him. Is this pretty common? I'm not sure what I need to do. He's just standing there, looking sleepy and tired... and it's breaking my heart :(
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this is semi related, but back a few weeks ago, when l gave my dog heartworm meds from the doc, he did the same thing and sat and looked into space. in fact sometimes he even started swaying left and right from being too tired. I think its because they were never used to the changes in their body, therefore they are trying to get used to it, but tries to stay away from the owners because it might scare them (read that somewhere online, l forgot where)
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