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Hello, just got a rescue pup

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My name is Mike and I'm a videographer from southern Louisiana.

Just got a little pug-mix pup from the pound and he is very sweet. He appears to be about a year old and is playful but also knows when to settle down (most of the time).

I'm hoping to pick up some good info on these forums so I can train him to be a good little member of the family. Does anyone recommend any specific training regimens? I've been trying the whole "leader of the pack" (Cesar Millan) stuff with him so far and he seems to be respecting me pretty well.
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My dog Hope was also rescued last year October. She was only about four weeks old. Two wonderful people rescued the six puppies, they were left in a crate with a cover on. Late one night at about 11 pm they took there dogs for a walk and stumbled upon these puppies and rescued them. She is so adorable. She was a small puppy, but she has grown into a big dog. She is so lovable.
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