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Hi Peeps, I have 4 months old Siberian Huskey. Im trying to train him as much as i could get free time. Im embroidery digitizer and mainly have 2 websites and its too hard to get free time to train my dog. But i always try to play with him and train him. Whenever i get free time on weekends i digitize the photos of my dog and embroider them and get them framed :)
Hi and nice to meet you. You might want to take a break from a few websites and focus on the Husky. They are not a deal with me when you want type dog. I would start a working/ training schedule along with some naps in there and lots of walks and play time. It's important to get huskies where you want them at a young age. I would hate for the husky to be put in a shelter when it turns into an age to mature because it wasn't worked with Do your work at certain times and husky at certain times putting him on the short end of the stick won't work when he grows up and destroys things lack of exercise physically and mentally in this breed is very worry some. A tired husky is a good husky is a great Moto to remember. I own seven wonderful working huskies which are completely content Can we see a picture of your dog?? Please!!!

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1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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