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Hi guys, nice to meet you all. My name is Erica and I've seen this forum before but never signed up. We've always had dogs growing up, I can't ever remember a time there wasn't a four-legged beast running between my feet.

Introducing the mutts: We currently have three dogs in the house.
  • Dixie(6), a Pit Bull X. She's my brother's dog, but we watch her because he can't have her where he stays. She was the sole survivor of her litter, & we've had her since 6wks. She's our resident couch potato, and the one who talks the most.
  • Daisy(7), a Bloodhound we also rescued. The prev owners got her from a pet store for breeding purposes, but at 3y/o she'd never taken or carried to term. She's our "problem dog," with a fear of thunder and tall men in hats, and reoccurring skin/ear issues from allergies(to everything) & yeast.
  • Phantom(4), my Catahoula X. She's the product of an accidental litter between our old dog, April(our escape artist) & a neighbor's hunting dog. Back then we had a "girls only" rule, and she was the only female of the litter who wasn't solid black.. but I'm glad I chose her now, even if the boys were prettier.

Phantom is my baby, for all intents & purposes. My pick of the litter when I was younger, who I call my birthday puppy because that's probably why my dad let me keep her. She's four going on five this year, and is my own little ray of sunshine & stubborn. Her daddy was a neighbor's Catahoula, and her mommy was my aunt's "Pit Bull"/Cocker Spaniel(at least that's what she said anyways).

Everyone who meets her thinks 1) she's a little boy, & 2) she's a cattle dog. I blame it on her colors and her name, but that's alright. I'd assume she just got her spotting from mom not dad? Hers was a pretty varied litter though, with no two puppies looking alike. We had a grey merle, a brown merle, a black w/ ticking(?) like mom(who evaded all pics), a tanpoint, an orange/white, a solid black, & Phantom.

Dad(left) & Mom(right)

Phantom(and some from her litter below)

Feel free to chat about the babies. Any questions, comments, etc.
I'm curious.. What would you have guessed Phantom was just by the pic?
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