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Hello! I want to ask for your advice!

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I have this male and two female dogs (they are all spayed/neutered). They are all from a shelter and this shelter-dogs-adoption of mine started a year ago with one of those females (Laika) when she was a pup. A year later I adopted another two dogs (female-Sissi; male-Marlow, who is from the same shelter as Laika)- I have them for 4 months.

There was almost no problem (just some minor ones) when I adopted Laika. When I adopted those two it was a little bit worse... They already were adult (both are about 3 years old) and since they gone through so many obstacles, they were literally scared to death of everything. Luckily they are getting better now. Well mostly...

It was about two weeks later when Marlow started to "protect the pack" from other dogs. It started with males only (he even bit two dogs because they were off leash and were bothering those two females who were close to Marlow and I couldn't avoid it since both those strange dogs followed us on every step) and recently, he started to be like this even towards female dogs. When he sees a dog he starts to growl, bark and tug on the leash and then he tries to get free from the collar... Otherwise, he's really sweet and gentle dog that is grateful for anything...!

I really don't know what to do. I tried a lot of common things to resolve this but no luck(avoiding dogs, ignoring them, not tugging him back on the leash, be calm; when this haven't helped I tried to confront him which helped a bit but when he saw a dog again he immediately forgot the confrontation). I know that he was growing up on streets and when he got into the shelter, he was in the kennel with males only for almost two years and this is "normal" behavior for him, but I want to solve this as fast as possible, so please, give me your advice...! :help:
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I'd strongly advise you to work with a knowledgeable, experienced rewards-based / force-free trainer in person. Until you can do that, this thread has very good resources for working with reactive dogs: http://www.dogforums.com/dog-training-forum/191506-links-books-blogs-etc.html

Given what you've said, I'd suspect he's fearful not protective, but someone who can evaluate the situation in person will be better able to make that determination. I'd also lay off the walks for a while. Give him time to settle in, relax, and focus on building confidence and trust. Four months isn't really long enough for him to get comfortable with his new situation.

Since he's bitten two dogs, I'd start muzzle training (The Muzzle Up Project has good information) and when you do resume walks, take him out alone so you can focus your attention on him.

There really isn't a fast fix for this, but working with a professional can help to ensure you start and remain on the most effective path. If you need help finding a trainer, just ask. We can direct you to good resources.

A few questions:
- How is he with other dogs when you walk him alone?
- What do you mean by "I tried to confront him"?
- What training have you done with him and your other dogs? What have you taught? How have you taught it?
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I already found a solution, but anyways, thank you so much for your reply and advice!!! ^-^
It's what you recommended to me as well. I found a good trainer, who is able to help. :)
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