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He recently lost his teeth while playing with his squeak toy. I saw him chewing on something tried getting it out but couldn't feel it but then a tooth fell out and then another one. They look like his back teeth. I don't know if he's losing his baby teeth or if he chewed something and weakened his teeth and they fell out because I looked in his mouth and the gums where the teeth were, were red. I couldn't really see well cause he's struggling to run away. I had dogs in the past but I am older now with my very own dog, so I'm a curious/worried dog father just trying to make sure for him.

His teeth looked like as if they were chopped off with a saw, like the top part was sawed off but the bottom half is still in his mouth I feel like unless his teeth are really not that big/tall in general.


If you look at them too, they have holes in them as if they had cavity. He is only like 6-7 months old.
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