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I am a dog-lover. My whole family is.
There was never a time in my life when my family didn't have one.
Currently, we have 3 dachshunds (Buddy, Connor, and Al), 2 greyhounds (Wanda and Ice), and 1 maltese (Bruno).

Sadly, I've lost too many dogs too and it's always so heartbreaking to lose a dog. :(
Like just a month ago, I lost a dachshund, his name was Kibby and we didn't know what exactly caused his death. He was having seizures before he passed and it was too late when we brought him to the doctor.

I joined this forum because right now, my baby Al is getting weak.
(But I'll save this for another post because apparently I'm supposed to post here first to introduce myself?)

Hope you all have a good day!
Lots of love,
(PS: Send all my love to your dogs too~)
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