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@DaySleepers is correct pups sleep a lot... Make the most of it because soon he will be like a toddler ..into everything and anything they can reach and getting up to mischief 24/7.
Giardia is no laughing matter Murphy got it at about 7 months and I really thought we were going to lose him for a day or two he was wiped out by it, so weak he could hardly walk and playing was out of the question for a couple of weeks he lost 3 kilos in weight too.

At the moment I would say give him lots of rest as much as he wants and then gently introduce play as and when he feels up to it.
Dont pamper too much but do make sure you dont let him get away with naughty stuff just because hes sick.. You will end up with a very spoilt puppy.

As he feels better and his energy levels return you should see an increase in activity.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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