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Hello my name is Lorna,
I have three amazing and goofy dogs. All three are rescues. Two we adopted as adults and our youngest was a puppy.

> Lexi - 14 year old female border collie. We adopted her when she was between two and four. She was a puppy mill dog that was abused and had a lot of emotional problems. However, she is loving and sweet and has overcome most of those issues over the years. We adopted her and her mating partner together. The rescue told us that our two border Collie’s were only ones that survived. That is how bad the conditions were that they had to endur. Sadly her buddy passed away a few years ago and we still miss him terribly. About three months ago she went blind quite suddenly. The vets we consulted diagnosed her with Sudden acquired retinal degeneration syndrome (SARDS). She is adjusting well but we are still having trouble. She is just amazing!!!

> Niko - 2 1/2 yr male mixed breed. We have no backstory on him. Only that he is one goofy little boy. We call him our Coconino Clownhound. Another sweet sweet pup. Whoever gave him up should have their head examined. Sometimes I call him the perfect dog because he was so sweet and does NOTHING wrong. He’s also amazing with kids large and small. We’re so lucky he picked us!

> Abby - 1 1/2 yr female mixed breed. Her mix is German Shepherd, Staffordshire terrier, Chihuahua. Odd mix I know, but love will find a way?. She’s very pretty and gets away with murder sometimes because of this. She’s Our little nut case. She’s a ball of energy, loving, sweet, mischievous and keeps us laughing.

So sorry for the long intro. But I could talk forever about these pups. As for me I am married to a man who is even more crazy about our furry family. We just moved from Arizona to North Carolina to be closer to family.

Thanks for reading
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