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Hello!! I am brand spanking new here! I'm going to be asking all SORTS of puppy questions by the looks of things. I haven't gotten my new pup yet or even picked one out but I'm getting there! Here's my story and why I am getting a puppy:

It’s something I never really thought I’d consider at the time...getting another dog after my beloved Toby passed a year ago. But it seems to me that all signs are pointing to not only wanting one, but needing one to help the friend he left behind cope with the rest of her life.
My lab/collie mix Sydney just turned six. She had Toby, 14, her entire life. He was her leader, her parent figure, and her best friend. We had to put him down last year when he started suffering from an aggressive tumor cutting off circulation to his intestines.
Sydney seemed fine with the sudden change for a few months, and then she just crashed. We, her family, never put it together as some form of grieving because it started three months after the fact. She began to lose weight, picked at her food, developed sores in her ears that still have not healed, and began to lose all will to get up and move.
No vets have been able to figure out what was wrong with her. She’s had blood tests, cancer screenings, antibiotics, steroid shots, you name it. Anything that they could try they have, some multiple times. She has remained sad and forlorn.
And then Trixie came along. My sister’s goofy young anatolian mix...suddenly Sydney was coming out of her funk. She has begun to heal, eat, and even play. Even when Trixie goes home, she remains happier. Where she was once hiding in the dark all day, she is now coming out and interacting with her family again.
It’s been three months since Trixie appeared in our lives and all the time she has just gotten better and better. I and my S/O have come to the conclusion that Sydney was just...dying of pure loneliness.
We’re now considering adding a permanent puppy into our home in the hopes that it makes her happy. Not to mention the fact that for the past few months every puppy we see seems to be looking right at us! We’ve definitely got puppy fever. We say that we don't need a puppy while simultaneously researching dog breeds and peeking at Petfinder.
Still though, this is such an odd experience for me. I have had many dogs in the past and none have grieved in such a way before. And they certainly don’t want an intruding infant in their middle aged life! It’s almost unbelievable, but at the same time it’s happening right in front of me. A puppy is making her happy. And that in turn makes me happy, finally seeing my sweet girl alive again.

I and my S/O have decided on the rough collie breed. We have quite fallen in love with their sweet, gentle personalities. We'll see how it goes!
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