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I'm the Britt part of the equation, my boyfriend of 6 years is Caleb and my pup is Enzo. :) My boyfriend and I are 21 year old full-time college students, part-time workers and full-time dog lovers. (And if you can tell by the name of our pup, both avid car enthusiasts!)

Enzo came to us by chance. He was found cold, wet, and very, very hungry outside after a car was heard pulling into the driveway, car doors slamming, and then a car spinning up gravel trying to leave the driveway in a hurry. After investigating the commotion further, we found our sweet little boy. (I WILL NEVER understand how people could do such a thing! :( ) It is suspected he is a GSD mix of some kind, but we really haven't a clue of his lineage, or even how old he is for that matter. He truly came to us for a reason, and we adore this boy and my world pretty much revolves around him now. He is crate trained completely (thanks to 4 weeks of hard work!), loves walking around the 3 acres of property he is allowed when VERY CLOSELY supervised by us (I am very protective!), he is VERY smart and strong willed, and is getting neutered on Wednesday along with all of his puppy shots.

Here's some pictures of him when he came to us a month ago. He's grown a LOT since then, but here he was then.

Isn't he a beaut?
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