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Hi, all! Been looking for an active doggo forum to join and this seems to be have the most people so howdyhoo! I'm Rai, 26 and currently living in western Tennessee. I have four pups, Calista, Wilbur, Jethro, and Kaya Rose. Nice to meet you all! :wave:

Calista is going on 8 years old and is a German Shepherd / American Bulldog mix.
Wilbur is a 5 year old deaf Boxer/Pit? mix.
Jethro is around 4 and is a mystery mutt.
Kaya Rose is my puppy who will be 11 weeks Saturday. She's a mega mutt as well. Mother was some sort of Shepherd mix and the father was either a great dane mix or catahoula or idk SOMETHING.
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