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Hello From The Texas Panhandle!

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Hello to all. I'm glad to be on the forum and I hope to have a good experience here. I'm on several other forums and they are full of my kind of people. Dog lovers all! I have an interest in almost anything to do with dogs especially dog habitats. My son and I have two rescued Aussies. I like to say they rescued us!

Dog House Cowboy
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Well howdy neighbor! I am from Amarillo or as I like to call it "the real windy city". Aussies are great dogs. I used to have an Aussie/Beagal mix; wasn't a very big fella but he was one heck of a watch dog. :)
Hey PinkAlphaPaws

Howdy. And you guessed it! I live in Amarillo too and I'm originally from Pampa. How about that storm Thursday night? I was raised here but sold my business and moved to Prescott AZ for 8 years. I'm retired now and have a new online business specializing in Dog houses and associated products. And you're right. With the Aussies I don't need a door bell. Look forward to hearing from you and other members again.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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