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Hello from StubbyDog!

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Hi all!

My name is Lisa and I volunteer with StubbyDog, a national 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to correcting misunderstandings about pit bull dogs.

StubbyDog focuses on repairing the image of pit bull dogs by providing fair and accurate information meant to restore balance to the national conversation about these wonderful dogs. While the humane societies and rescue groups focus on ending abuse and working on the day-to-day issues of adoption and owner support, we’ll devote our attention to changing the way our dogs are perceived by the public.

To do that we’re gathering news, stories, and photos from those that know pit bull dogs best: their human families. We’ll also be working as media watchdogs – correcting misinformation reported as news nationwide.

I’m hoping that by teaming up with caring groups such as yours, StubbyDog will be able to better support pit bulls and their families. I’ll provide you with a weekly roundup of the latest news, editorials, and updates from StubbyDog to help your dedicated group members stay up to speed on all things pit bull related. I hope you’ll find this information useful in your work as a group and I’m looking forward to hearing from you about the issues and concerns that your group members face on a daily basis.

We’d also like to hear any great stories you come across that show pit bulls at their heroic and heartwarming best. And if they come from people in your own group, of course we’ll want to let our audience know that, too. Our website will be live this fall, but meanwhile we’d be pleased to promote your work and mission through our Facebook page.

By working together, Stubbydog believes that we can build a better, safer world for our pit bulls and help them reclaim their place as beloved family companions. Thank you for all you do for the dogs - I’m really looking forward to getting to know your group!

Best wishes,

Lisa :cool:

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I totally agree with you, DJEtzel, that is an awesome story of the heroism that dogs, not just bully breeds, are capable of. Thank you for sharing it with me. Frag, btw, is a beauty! What a smile he has =)
No stories right now, but I would like to shar a picture of my Pit Bull (mixed with American bulldog).

I look at this picture to be particularly important to me becuase not too long ago I read a horable story full of garbage about how Pit Bulls CANNOT live with other dogs, especially small dogs, becuase this man witnessed his Rat terrier be attacked by a "Pit Bull" (who knows that breed it actually was, everything bully is a "Pit Bull" nowadays) but unfortunately, just becuse it got into a fight with a smaller dog it was automatically labled. But, what I found great was that that man stated no one should own them, ever, not with other smaller dogs blahh blahh garbage, when right here in my own home, my Pit Bull lives perfectly happy with three other dogs, two being smaller breeds, one being none other than a rat terrier :)

(sorry its a little whited out, but that just gives me good enough reason to post a clearer picture of her ;) )


Glad you joined the board! :)
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Thank you, Jare for the welcome & the story! Aija, your Pit Bull Terrier & your Rat Terrier are both adorable! And great examples of these breeds. We'd love to have you share your photos and story on our Facebook page, also!
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