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We adopted Sophie, a 14 month old female rat terrier mix about 1.5 months ago. She's amazing, wonderful, and we love her to pieces. We are pretty sure she has some pitbull in her, too. She has an insane amount of energy and I have been working hard to train her. We are running into some difficulties with her and I am hoping to receive some guidance from those more knowledgeable than myself.

Her prey drive is so ridiculously intense and she is essentially in a trance. The entire world ceases to exist when she sees something, like a squirrel. I have to physically pick her up and remove her from situations. As I carry her away she maintains focus on her target until she can't see it and then she almost snaps out of it.

She's amazing other than that. But I really need to be able to get her attention! I am hoping to learn more about this wonderful little munchkin so I can be the best dog mom possible.
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