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Hi everyone,

My name is Angel and I live in Philadelphia. We have a Great Pyrenees named Kiyoko, who is 2 years old. She had a rough start in life as her breeder's home burned down when she was a few weeks old, and she was only of the puppies rescued from the fire. Consequently she had a lot of issues with fear of outside and difficulty potty training because she could barely be taken outdoors for the first year. She is now a happy, healthy and much calmer dog, but it was a rough year for us and if I could do it all again, I would not have picked a Great Pyr as our starter dog.

I've joined the forums now in hopes of figuring out if she is pregnant, because she had a weird second heat we had not anticipated a few months after her first and during this time she had a few occasions where the husky next door, an in tact male, managed to leap the fence to play with her. I don't think they ever had time to copulate, but who knows... so I came to learn more about symptoms of dog pregnancy just in case... I have a lot pf animal care experience, including hand rearing chinchillas and kittens and an opossum, but I am pretty much a dog noobie.

I look forward to reading more and meeting you all.
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