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Hello my name is Smokey and my pet human is called Hugh. I was told that I am 3/4 tan and black coonhound and 1/4 collie. My pet human Hugh likes to call me good boy all the time and I'm not sure what that means yet but I'm pretty smart so I'll learn.

My biggest problem right now is my pet human keeps kicking me out of my recliner and making me sleep on the couch. That chair is so comfy!

Hey!!! Smoke gimme my phone back! Good boy!

HI, I'm Hugh and I adopted Smokey from a wonderful family near Bancroft Ontario through a local organization that does good work with helping animals. He's my new best friend.

I only got him yesterday but he's already bonded with me and won't leave my side. I love this guy and I think both of our lives are going to be a bit better now that we found each other. Don't get me wrong though, the family who owned him before me treated him great, they really loved him but for whatever reason they had to put him up for adoption.
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