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I am from Oklahoma, I am a dog owner also who love my pets... I have an 8 year old blue healer her name is Sadie. We just lost our dear friend of 14 years, He was an Australian shepherd mix named Mystic, on November 25, 2011 and I still miss him everyday. Sadie went into a depression after we lost him. as I did. will all of us did really.
As of Dec 22, 2011 we bought a new Companion for us. a mini Australian shepherd we named Mezo. Mezo was 8 weeks old when we bought him home. and is just little ball of a mess. hardly ever still. Mezo will never replace Mystic, as he is his own new person, and I have grown to love him, as Sadie as also. ( to an extent)

Let's see here, I have a grown family, My husband of 26 years, a daughter who is finishing up her masters.. lives at home, a son who just turned 20, lives at home. No grandchildren. We all have jobs.. We are a 24 hour family.. jobs takes us away all different times of the day/night.. so someone is always home while others are at work.

I am seeing some issues with Mezo and Sadie.. which I will post somewhere else on this forum
Look forward to meeting you all.. but please keep in mind, that I might be slow to reply, but I will do my best.
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