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Hello from Nashville, TN!

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Hello. My name is Brandi. I live in the Nashville area in Middle Tennessee. I am new to showing and just purchased a show bitch. Her name is Piper. She is a Mantle Great Dane. I also have her litter sister, Klassic a Mantle, and a Mantle Merle Great Dane named Prudence. I have two rescued dogs, a German Shepherd / Collie mix named Maggie, and a Shar Pei mix named Simbah. We also have a rescued kitty named Mercury, who rules all things dog in our home. We have a large crew, but a nice home with a very large yard for the dogs to play.

I am looking forward to meeting everyone, and learning from other show people on the site. Please check out my photo albums. I added pictures of the Danes, and will be adding albums for the rescues soon as well. Please comment and I would love to hear what those in the show world have to say about my girl Piper.
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Hello & welcome to df, your dogs are very pretty.
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