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Hello everyone! My name is Maddy and I am mother to my sweet black lab mix puppy Luna. I found Luna on the side of the road with her two siblings when they were 6 weeks old. Malnourished and infected with scabies, left to die. I boarded Luna and her siblings at the vet to be treated and cared for until they were not contagious, and when they came home I was able to quickly find the other two loving homes. Luna however, stayed around for awhile, and my fiance and I got very attached and decided to keep her. She is now just under four months old and is a healthy weight with a BEAUTIFUL shiny coat. She is such a sweet pup, whoever dumped her out made a mistake to my benefit!

I wanted to join a dog forum to share my love of Luna and get to see everyone else's babies as well. I would also like to share my Etsy shop for those interested. I started an Etsy shop selling dog collars I make to help pay for the astronomical vet bills Luna has acquired, and is still acquiring... Unfortunately I live out "in the country" and it is very common for animals to be abandoned. Just this summer we have rescued and rehomed a blood hound with mange, a boxer, a mother cat and her 4 kittens, and are currently working on another kitten. Proceeds from this shop allow me to feed and care for these animals until I can get their forever home.

I keep my prices low because I know having pets can be expensive, most collars are only $10 with the exception of a few $12 collars. Painted pet portraits and clothing will be coming soon! Also find me on Facebook!



Thank you for looking :) I can't wait to get to know everyone!
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