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I own two pups, 2 years old each and Boxers. Roxxy, female and Bentlee, male. I have my fair share of challanges with these two ranging from timidness to distructive behavior. Bentlee's behavior is partly due to the fact that Bentlee is an adopted dog from a family who disregarded his existence, or as one might look at it: neglect him. We are lovingly working with him and Roxxy is definitely helping him (and he is helping her warm up).

I mainly joined to gain insight on challenges that my boyfriend and I are struggling with. I hope I can find good advice, supply any advice I may have to offer, and furthermore, I hope I feel welcomed and understood in this forum. If this is a forum in which I see disrespect, ill manners, and the like - I will unfortunately leave and once again be wondering where I can find a civil environment.

Good news? So far this forum has been 200x better than the rest I've seen. Kudos!
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