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Hey there. New puppy owner here and I'm just full of questions as I want to do this right. I do have one big question right now though.

Should I take my puppy out of training?

So me and my fiance started taking our 12 week old Boxer puppy to training so we could get started as soon as possible (since we don't know how to train a dog). After 3 sessions and some research we've discovered that the trainer is using controversial methods that are considered inhumane by alot of people. Like I said we're new dog owners so we just figured what he was doing was right but we looked some of the stuff up and now we feel terrible. He's had us using a choke/correction collar which we've now learned is inhumane. He also did an alpha roll/hold technique that seemed bad to me because she was screaming but he assured us it was fine. I believed him because I figured "well he's the trainer". He said we had to do the alpha hold also and I tried it at home. I got about 10 min in and let her go because I just felt so bad. I should've done my research. Now that I have I feel so awful. I hope I didn't traumatize her. Should we stop training with him? We've already payed $300 for the whole course and theres no refunds.

Anyways thanks for any help!
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