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Hi there! You guys can call me Trin, I am a teenage dog lover/owner!

My pups:
~Connor~ (AKA Connor puppy!)
Connor is a rescue puppy, a nine month old Lab mix, and he's been with us about seven months. Surprisingly enough, he doesn't chew much, and he's a little small, at 50 pounds, so we think the lab is quite diluted. He is the color of rich dark chocolate (almost black), with caramel brown eyes and a small white heart-shaped mark on his chest. He also has a little white smudge on his chin. He is a very active boy, and he loves running off-leash in the huge field behind our house, chasing Roxy (I'll get to her in a moment), playing tug and fetch, and wrestling with me. He grew up in snow, so he LOVES it. Thinks it's the greatest toy ever. He also loves water. He has never been swimming, but he loves to splash around in his kiddie pool. However, I have to drag him into the bath tub, and he will jump without a hand on him. :doh:

~Roxy~ (AKA Catdog)

Roxy is a almost nine year old Chorkie mix. Chihuahua, Yorkie, and we think a little Chinese Crested. She has Yorkie coloring with thin fur halfway between long and short hair chihuahua length, and adorable, big black bug eyes. Her favorite activities are begging us for belly rubs (She always gets them :biggrin1:), sleeping, and barking at anyone who dares set foot in our house. She is a literal cat. She hates water (Although she will sit still for a bath), she likes to sleep, and she DESPISES energetic puppies.

Anyway, those are my dogs!! I'll get some pictures up on this thread ASAP.
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