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I just want to say hi to everyone and thank the good members for so much great information.
Funny story...My wife wanted a dog. I was not too enthused with the idea. She kept after me, and finally I relented and said ok, let's get a dog. ( My thinking was that it would be her dog. She can take care of it, and it will cause me minimal trouble.)
She found a Chorkie that she wanted, and I said ok, since it was going to be her dog. I have never been a fan of small dogs. We went to pick the little girl up and drive her back home. She was incredibly small, and very cute. That week, I happened to be on vacation, while my wife worked. I guess me and little Sansa, her name, sort of bonded. I don't know what magic this dog possesses or what happened, but this dog is just the be all, and end all for me. I have never felt so much love for a pet in my life. She is incredibly smart, and so affectionate. Now, my wife likes to tease me that I didn't even want a dog, and I have stolen hers. She also likes to poke fun at me because I have become one of those dog owners that I used to make fun of. I demand only the best for her food and treats, and I spoil her with toys. (I used to think it was silly for people to spend money on over priced dog food. Just get that red bag of dog food from Walmart and they will eat it when they get hungry.)
I just thought some might find this amusing. This little dog is such a part of our lives now, I don't remember what it was like without her.
Thanks again for so much great advice and info!
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