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Hey there! Just thought I would introduce myself to all you dog lovers out there!

My name is Kirsty and I'm from the United Kingdom, I have one wee Lhasa Apso she's called Poppy. In four weeks time there will be a new addition to the family (Penny) who is Poppy's half sister.

We got poppy in November two years ago, hence her name. She was about 3 or 4 months old when we got her. A few months after we got her we came to realise a pink thing growing on her eye, took her to the vet and found out it was a 'cherry eye'. We think she had inherited this from her Father as we know the breeder well and the mother of Poppy did not suffer from this. So in January 2012 she got an operation on her eye to remove it and it was successful!

Poppy is now a much loved member of the family, she is our first experience of a small dog or a long haired dog for that matter. She sleeps in bed with my Mum and Dad as I have school the next day and she likes to stay up quite late.

So hopefully in four weeks time we will be getting Penny, the reason she is a half sister is because the breeder didn't want the same stud as she had used for Poppy because of the cherry eye, so she got a new one. The pups were born about 2 or 3 weeks ago (I think) there is four in the litter. All going well there will be a wee girl if there isn't we will have to get a pup else-where as we don't want Poppy to have pups with her half brother! (Does anyone know what are the chances of there being a girl in the litter or is it completely to do with the luck of the draw?)

Anyway this introductory has turned out to be a lot longer than I expected it to be. Congratulations if you have managed to read the whole way through! Oh and can anyone tell me what are 'tags'? Thanks for reading, I'll try and insert a pic of Poppy!


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