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Hello. My wife and I have adopted a rescue, a golden lab/sharpei(?) mix, medium size (45 lb), about 2 years old. He is housebroken, very friendly and a delight. The foster owner said he gets along well with every person and every dog (she owns five or so dogs and fosters 10 or so to handle overflow from her local shelter).

We've had Buddy for only two days and there are at least three things for which I hope to find advice in this forum:

  1. When Buddy sees another dog, he strains at the leash to get to the other dog. If we are walking away from the dog, he continues to strain and finally to bark; pulling so he's on his back legs.
  2. He has had several "chewing" incidents (we were ill prepared). After the first incident, resulting in four or five minor things being "destroyed", we gave him an antler and a bone which he seemed to like. However, there have been two other episodes.
  3. We would like to keep Buddy off of our bed. We try to keep the door closed but when he sees the opportunity - he's there.

So I will search for advice and welcome any from members that happen to read this.



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1. That sounds like excitement/frustration reactivity. It's basically when he gets so excited that he kind of has a tantrum. He's mad that he can't go see the other dog. I would go take a look at the Reactive Dog sticky at the top of the training form. It will give you some great tips as to how to train your dog to focus on you. The sticky includes fear reactivity, too, but the method is pretty much the same to work on any type of reactivity.

2. He likely doesn't understand what is okay to chew and what isn't. You should be putting away anything that you don't want him to get into. Shoes, clothes, books, everything should be where he can't reach it. He should also be crated when you can't supervise him so he never gets a chance to chew on anything inappropriate. When you see him playing with his own toys or chewing on his own chews, you should praise him. If you catch him chewing on something that he shouldn't, interrupt and offer an appropriate chew. Praise him for using it.

3. Get Buddy a nice comfy bed of his own. Praise and reward him for being there. When Buddy gets up on your bed, lure him down with a treat and have him go to his bed. You want his bed to be a very rewarding place for him to be. Periodically toss a treat on his bed for staying there.
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