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Hi everyone! My name is Amanda and I recently (3 weeks ago) adopted an 8 month old rescue we've named Bowie. Bowie is a very sweet, playful boy who loves power chewing, licking and car rides =) As a new dog mom I have tons of questions and am very excited to join in these discussions.

I'm wondering what you all think Bowie is a mix of. He was rescued in Mississippi and brought up to New Jersey a month ago with his two siblings. His brother looked exactly like him while his sister is all light, like the color of Bowie's paws. I'm not sure how much bigger he will get, but he's got long legs and is a jumper! I'm talking we have caught him jump on the kitchen counter with ease kind of jumper!

I hope the images load! Trying this out...

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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