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Hello from a college student

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Hello All,
I am a 22 year old college student who 5 months ago decided he wanted his first non-family dog at the end of summer, but now has grown into an information hungry dog lover. I have always loved dogs growing up but not until I started doing research on my own did I learn I was so clueless about them. What started out as research for a suitable breed from apartment living as evolved into an obsession with the relationship between dog and human. As a psychology major relationship in general intrigue me, so when I realized that I could combine two of my favorite things dogs and psychology I fell in love. I am a very active volunteer at my local humane society and enjoy reading or talking about the relationship we have with dogs. I am here for intellectual and stimulating conversations as well as preparing as much as possible for my new addition come the end of summer.
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Welcome! You sound like... 90% of DF members :D you won't be short of discussions on canine psychology here. Hope you enjoy your time and thank you for devoting your efforts to rescue.
Welcome to DF!!
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