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Hello from a Boz Shepherd Breeder

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Hello Group
I was on here a long time ago, but forgot my password, and let the email address lapse. Finally back!!!
I live in East Texas, and breed Turkish Boz Shepherd Guardian Dogs.

Look forward to learning from the group, and sharing when I can.

This is my pup Monster.

This is a mature Boz in Turkey.
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wow those are some head turners you have there. so gorgeous
Welcome to DF!
Beautiful dogs. :)
Beautiful dogs! I'm sure they aren't for the first time dog owner, so we'd LOVE to learn more about the breed!
Here are some links with some info on them.



They are not a good dog for first time owners. They are good dogs, but are very powerful. Knowing how to socialize and if needed to control a 180 pound dog that intends to defend you.
I remember your dogs, they're hard to forget!
I'm glad you're back because I'd love to see more of them.
Welcome back and whoa baby, that is one big dog!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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