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My name is kendall, im 19 years old. Me and my boyfriend own a 2 year old rednose pitbull named rebel. we also own a 12 week old cheagle (Chihuahua/beagle) named ruby jo. She loves big dogs really doesnt want nothing to do with little dogs. She is fiesty and loves to growl and bite. You can tell she has Chihuahua in her by the ears and eyes and her attitude, but beagle by her bark and howl. She is very sweet and smart. Our pit is so human like its crazy. He is laid back and non aggressive. He loves females dogs and humans, but bigger male dogs not so fond of. He will lick you to death and sometimes just sit in the seat and stare at you while your driving.

Here are some Pictures of our babies.


when we first got ruby
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