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Hello everyone

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I'm a 21 year old that just graduated and have now moved back home in Colorado.

Here's my little story of how I adopted a dog.

I've always loved dogs and always wanted one as a kid but my mom always refused. A few weeks ago, my mom suddenly asked me what I thought about getting a dog for my 9 yr old brother.....

I took my brother to the shelter the next day and I kind of made an impulsive choice and we actually adopted the first dog we looked at.

His name is Buchman. The shelter listed him as a 6yr old Husky mix but since the dog came from a different shelter, they were guessing at everything. For one, weighing 33lbs, the dog doesn't resemble a husky at all and when we took him to the vet for a wellness exam, we were told that he might be closer to 8yrs old.

Still he is an adorable dog and I would say we've bonded quite well. He is so well behaved and everyone that sees him thinks he's a puppy :D.

I'm now trying to convince my mom to get another dog for my brother or as playmate for Buchman. ;)
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Hello & welcome to df. I'm so glad your mum finally saw the light & agreed to getting a dog. And thank you for rescuing an older dog. I'm sure he's very appreciative. Would love to see pics.
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