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Hello everyone!

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Hi there!

My boyfriend and I are currently awaiting a home check for a male senior Italian Greyhound. This will be our first dog together as a couple and we're very excited for this next step in our life. We feel the dog breed fits perfectly with our lifestyle but sadly with our jobs, a puppy just isn't the best option (I do have the ability to take my dog to work with me but I have to wait until they are 14 weeks old) at this moment so we figured an older dog would be best. We've both done our research on the breed extensively and have asked lots of questions to the breeder (The breeder is retiring from showing and is spaying/neutering her older dogs and rehoming them) about Iggy's. We are very excited to have a new family member in our life who will basically be a spoiled child (We already have a name picked out).

With that being said, I decided to join the forum to get advice as both of us have never had a dog on our own, we've always had family dogs in our childhood. I'd like to say I'm pretty well-versed with dog things but I can always learn more and I always have questions.
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