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I'm Alicia and we have a boxer/American bull dog mix. We live in Canada, and have 4 kids (and a cat). We have taken puppy boot camp but I still have a ton of questions ? always willing to learn.

My first concern is, being 9 months we should have a pretty decent grasp on house training. She does alert us to needing to pee, and she never pees or poops on the main floor.

However as soon as she has access to any of the rooms with carpet (which are all gated off) she pees and poops on it. Instantly. We tried introducing her to these rooms in small intervals such as 2 minutes and then outside, then back for 2 minutes. But it's as if she sees the carpet and loses control of her bowels.

We have had the carpets professionally cleaned 3 times now (as she has started to ruin the gates to get in). I'm trying to avoid ripping the carpet out and putting in flooring. I'd rather just train her not to pee/poop on carpets

Any tips? I'm willing to try anything.
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