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hello everyone!!

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:) Hello everyone!!

It is nice to be here! My girls inspired me to come here because they mean the world to me. I have two Labrador Retrievers. Tasha is my five year old black lab. There is never a dull moment around her. She has surprises around every corner.:D Lady is my three year old yellow lab that I just adopted from a local shelter. Lady has been severely abused. When I first got her we would reach out to pet her and she would squint and lay down and then run away from us. She would hide behind furniture and sleep all day. You could see the hurt in her eyes. She wasn't a happy dog at all. I can't understand why someone would be so mean to her. She's a terrific dog. I have had her for a month now and she plays all the time and acts like a normal dog. That's awesome!! Tasha and Lady have become best friends and I love seeing how they have grown so attached to each other in such a short time.
Hopefully you will get to know me and my girls and the funny amazing things they do.
Thanks Kawilli
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Welcome to the forum. How wonderful that you have given your girls a good home. I have a black lab mix and I LOVE black dogs, so pictures are in order :D
Welcome. My daughter had a black lab/retriever mix but unfortunately had to give him away because of the neighboors. Long story. Luckily she found the perfect home for him.
Yea the older lady that lives next to me isn't easy to get along with either. She doesn't want my dogs to bark at all outside, especially at her. They have to be inside by nine at night. Which is silly because when I had my chocolate lab and he had diarrea and had to go out at one or two in the morning, she got mad. I wasn't about to let him go in the house. She also takes a nap in the mid morning and if my dogs wake her up, she'll get mad too. She will threaten to turn us into the health department because we might have five piles of poop in the yard. I try to keep the peace as much as I can though.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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