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Hey, my names Randall I came here today seeking some very much needed help. I have an pit bull named LJ "Little John." He's relatively young, maybe one or two. We've had him about an year now. He's such a good dog. He listens to commands very well. He's never been dog aggressive or animal. He plays with the female boxer next door when he's outside. He's an inside dog by the way, forgot to add that.

Today we got another male pit bull puppy named Fletcher. He's about 3 to 6 month's old at max. Once we introduced them together that was playing for about 30 minutes. LJ was getting tried of playing and the puppy wasn't tried yet. I could read LJs body language. He was getting frustrated i made the puppy stop. He started back up again and LJ grawled at the puppy and looked uneasy. I separated the two for an hour. I let Fletcher out of the crate and LG was giving Fletcher the death stare from the kitchen with one paw up in the air. That's when LG ran and attack Fletcher. It happen so fast Fletcher yelped and it was over.

After that I could tell Fletcher was submissive positions. LG and him got another break for another hour. I figured LG was stressed cause he isn't used to other dogs in the house. I let Fletcher back out and called both dogs to me. LJ didn't attack when they was close by each other. I did see LJ kinda lift his lip at Fletcher.

Is this normal or abnormal behavior? I'm wanting to keep both dogs inside but if this continues, I'll need to find some help or rehome the dog. But then it hasn't been a full day I've had the puppy. I got him around 8 this morning. Thanks
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