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I joined this forum hoping to get some advice for my baby Lexi. She is a 7 month old lab/terrier mix.

At this time, my biggest issue/concern with her is potty training. Lexi is crate trained, and has only had a potty accident in her crate once. When she did, she immediately freaked out and wanted out of the crate. She does not sit/lay in her pee.

She is going to be 8 months old on the 6th of September, yet she is still Not even close to potty trained. We used to have a potty bell for her to ring to go outside, but that became a toy to her and she would ring it every 15 minutes to go outside. So we ended up taking the bell off the door. She got to the point where she was asking to go outside every hour (yay) but she varies day to day and only holds it for an hour max. I was told that by this age she should be able to go 3-4 hours between potty breaks.

Today she has been asking to go outside every 10-20 minutes. The problem is that if I tell her to wait, she'll dribble inside the house because I didn't take her out. Sometimes she'll completely empty her bladder. Most of the time it's a dribble. I took her to the vet, tested her urine and they said she does not have a UTI. So I don't understand what this frequency is about. I wish she'd be able to hold it for more than an hour at a time. Heck, I wish she'd just hold it for an hour every time! Not 20 mins one day, 10 mins the next day, 45 mins the next. I don't understand.
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