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glad I found this website. I was wondering if anyone else has every had this problem.
My 10 year old dog that stays inside during the day while I'm at work has chewed up three bathroom doors in the last year. I thought she might have accidently have shut the door on herself and then panicked. She doesn't tear up anything else in the house. Tonight I came home and she had gone thru the interior door to the garage, tearing a hole in the door big enough for her to get through, she is 80 lbs lab/retiv mix. Once in the garage, she started on the exterior automatic garage door. She of course, has damaged her paw pads and pulled off a couple of nails. There was blood all over the garage and the house.
I've had this dog for over 5 years. She has never torn up anything in my house. She has stayed inside for up to 10 hours while I'm at work and never destroyed anything. Why is this happening all of a sudden? Nothing else has changed. I am taking her to the vet tomorrow for the damage she has caused to her paws, but wanted to see if I could find any insight as to why this is now happening after over 5 years with no incidents.
Thank you-Deborah Foster
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