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Hi, I'm not new to owning a dog but I'm new to this forum. I had 3 dogs in my life, my first was a mix dog that we found as a puppy left on the street, my second dog was a english cocker spaniel, and now I own german shorthaired pointer. Still no name (I wish names were so easy to chose) but its a cute and very energetic puppy. I'm very excited about owning GSP an the reason why I chose GSP is how active those dogs stay, and how good companions they are. Another reason is that I have a cat in my house and I wanted a dog that I can train to live with a cat :) (I know its a prey for them, but if taught from the puppy I know they are OK to live with cats). Anyways, I hope to learn a lot from everyone here and that I can find a good read here.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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