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Hello Everyone

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Hello everyone, my name is John my wife is Jovi we have a 6 year old tweenie Dachshund and his name is Nathan. He is our life, since all the girls moved out. We have learned a lot with him around. He got us to start volunteering time with local rescues. We started buying him collars and matching tags and I'd say after about a dozen we decided to go into the business ourselves. Now, I can't even count how many he has.

We have found many dogs in the area, sometimes with tags and sometimes without. It is such a joy to return a pet to their family. Sometimes when they don't have tags they stay over and play with Nathan, but we are sure their family's misses them. So Nathan wants you all to know to ID your pets. They can't talk to humans to say where they live or what their parents phone number is.

John B. and Nathan
Cafe La Pooch :wave:
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