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My name is Eileen and I am the proud parent of an almost 10 week old shih poo, whose name is Lucky Louie. The "louie" is after my father and he is so proud I finally gave him a grandson. Lol We are working on potty training. I must confess I haven't trained a puppy in over 20 years. I am 45 with no children and unemployed (by choice) and now have the time and patience to be up to the task. I've been reading alot on the how to's and he is coming along nicely with a few mishaps that are due to my losing track of the little guy for 5 whole minutes! I've had him for nearly 2 weeks this Friday. He is a house dog and has a potty patch with articial grass and all.

I do have a question, if anyone can tell me what the digging in my lap or sofa is all about? He usually does this after play time when he is all riled up. By then it's usually bed for him but I try to discourage this with toys but he can't seem to help himself!
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