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Obviously, I'm new to the forum. I wish i would have taken the time to get on this forum sooner, and benefit myself and my dogs better. Anyway, I have a 7 year old Golden retriever/pit bull mix (she may have some Sheppard in her too) named Peaches. She is a terrific dog, and my first dog ever. however i got her when i was only 16, and did not know a whole lot about dogs, so my biggest mistake was never socializing her with other animals as a puppy.

Now she wants to attack any animal that she sees, which is really upsetting to have to keep her locked up and away from other animals all of her life. On the other hand, she is the most affectionate and loving dog! Everyone who meets her is always stand-offish and skepticle at first because of the pitbull in her, but they quickly realize she is just a big baby that loves attention. She is also very well potty trained, house broken, and can sit, shake, lay, speak, stay, and sit pretty on command, which proves she is an intelligent dog.

My other, newly acquired dog is a 13-16 week old Shih-tzu Yorkie mix, her name is Daisy. She is real sweetheart and very energetic fun loving dog. We have only had her a week and have already gotten her used to going potty outside, and sleeping in her crate at night.

So here my dilemma if you did not already figure it out, As of right now i keep both dogs fully separated at all times, but have tried introducing them a few times under strict supervision and restraint, and Peaches will appear to be okay with the situation at first, but as we get them closer, Peaches whimpers and whining quickly turns to jumping and growling aggression.

Now I am trying to figure out the best and most budget friendly way to make my dog Peaches, obey my commands, and not hurt this little dog so they can be friends and co-exist in my home together. I have researched dog trainers and found that they are very expensive (at least for my budget) in order to make my dog the way i want, it would cost me nearly $1,000. I am here to ask those of you whom have first hand experience with these types of situations to coach me in this problem with hopes of good results.

So please, by all means lay it out to me!

thank you very much, and i look forward to being a frequent poster on this wonderful forum!

Ryan Kovacs
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