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I'm new here. Very excited to learn new things about my pups and see every one elses! I have two canine family members. My girl, Sara is 3 and she is a shih tzu, poodle, rat terrier, west highland terrier mix. My pup, who is about 14 weeks, Jackson, is poodle, pomeranian, german shepherd and rottie, mix. I love my doodle mixes. :D. Got them both of craigslist, not sure if they are what I was told they are though. Saw both of them moms and they were small. Saw the dad for Jackson and he looked like a german shepherd mix. Also, his bros and sisters looked more german shepherd mix. I will post pics in the pics area. Anyway, like I said, I love my doodle mixes and am looking forward to foraging through this forum!
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