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Hello! :D

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I found this website through google, while looking up dogs I could adopt in my new living situation! Link to the thread here <3

I decided to join up because I needed help + plan on staying on here as a dog owner. I consider myself beginner because this is the first time I will be taking care of a dog with my fiance. He and I both grew up with dogs, but I wouldn't consider myself an expert! I've had dobermans and a german shorthair pointer, but the primary caretakers were both my parents.

I <3 <3 <3 big dogs! I've never been a fan of little dogs save for corgis and daschunds. I currently own 6 pet rats, and I adore them. They have been my primary pet for several years :) But I would really like to get a dog! Hopefully when we have a house instead of apartment I can finally get that big dog I want :)
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Welcome to DF!
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