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Hi all,

I'm new! Molly and Ginger here. Molly is my 4 year-old Lab-and-God-knows-what-else. She's the greatest dog in the world. Actually she's a tricky, ornery, bright-but-stubborn, constantly-playful little poltergeist-- but she's my favorite being on the planet.

We recently moved from a small town in Missouri (with huge and rolling dog parks, quiet neighborhoods, and fenced-in backyards), to Boston, MA, where we live in a tiny postage stamp of an apartment. It was quite the nasty shock for an active, bounding, 60 pound Lab mix-- who never did really care for loud traffic noises, even in Missouri. I want to get her out and about as much possible, because I know she's insanely bored in the tiny apartment-- but she's TERRIFIED of the public transit system out front of our house-- she hates the noise, she tries to escape into every store front and hide-away to get away from it when it comes by (which is almost constantly).

We have a small, quieter green space outside our back door, and so far, that's the only place I've been able to get her to tolerate. Other dogs show up there in the evenings, so we've even been able to get in some off-leash play time. But I had this dream that we'd be able to go on long city runs in the mornings, or that she'd be able to come with me to have adventures in the big city-- and she's having NONE of it.

Her quality of life has gone down the tubes since we moved here, and it's breaking my heart. I'd welcome any suggestions for accommodating her to big city life, so we can tear up the town together.

Peace and paws,
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