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Hello everyone. :)

My name is Ashley. I am 22 years old and live in Western New York (30 minutes from Rochester, 30 minutes from Buffalo). I am in my last year of college - a criminal justice major and forensic science minor. I write fiction for fun and also enjoy reading and the occassional television show/movie.

I live in a house my parents, older sister, and with three dogs (all under 15 lbs), two cats, and a Russian tortoise. Both cats are rescued.

Onto the doggy part - after all, this is a dog forum!

Sadie is a white maltipoo - will be 11 years old this year. She's about 12 lbs (she needs to lose a few pounds, but she has arthritis so it's a bit hard).

Mya is a black and white shih-poo who will be 3 this year. She was supposed to be a maltipoo (my mom wanted a black and white one so bad, so she had her shipped in from Oklahoma) but she didn't look maltese at all. So I DNA tested her. According to the test (which isn't always accurate, I'm sure) she's mostly poodle and shihtzu, but has lhaso apso and beagle in her. Explains her energy. :)

While I love both dogs very much, they are "family dogs" (aka: mom's). My first 100% responsible dog is Ryker, full name Cody's Little Red Ryker. He is a red poodle - mini by AKC height standards, toy by weight standards. Ryker is also our first male dog, so it's a very new experience. He will be 2 in October of this year.

I've been on a breed-specific forum before and after being there for four days, I mentioned the word 'doodle.' I was called names and told I supported Backyard Breeders and so forth.

I believe strongly in responsible buying and breeding of all dogs - and altering dogs and cats is a huge passion of mine. (Supporting it, not actually doing it...that would be awkward).

I'm also a member of the ASPCA and support rescues, adoptions, and fostering.

I look forward to talking to all of you and hope we can have open-minded, friendly, passionate discussions.

Thank you,

Ashley (& Ryker)



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