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Hello... and a few questions

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Hi, I am a new dog owner and also new to the site. I wanted to introduce myself and my dog and share her story.

Well first her name is Halo and she is a rescue dog. She is about one year old and to be honest I'm not quite sure what kind of dog that she is.

She was found about three weeks ago by a lady in another state right after she had gotten attacked by two very much larger dogs that left her pretty mangled. She is missing a lot of fur, has some stitches and recently had a shunt removed from the largest wound in her neck.

My friend here in town knew the lady that had found her and was trying to help find her a good home. After about a week of searching she had found a girl in our town, so 12 hours later she showed up at her door with the dog in toe. Needless to say the girl did not want the dog and so the search began again. As soon as I had heard her story and saw a few pictures of her I was sold, so this past Friday I brought my little girl home.

Here are a few pictures of her in her new home. If you think you might know what kind of dog she is that would be greatly appreciated.

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I would guess she is a beagle mix.
I was also thinking some kind of beagle/hound mix as well, but when you see her in person you can tell there definitely is something else. As weird as it sounds she almost has some vague German Shephard characteristics. Also, her paws are very large which leads me to believe there may be a larger breed incorporated in there.
Hi there!

My first thoughts were some kind of Lab / Beagle / Dachsund mix... but I will defer to those who have more expertise. :)

At any rate, she is BEAUTIFUL, and kudos to you for taking her in. :) I love a good rescue story.
Well thank you! It was one of those situations that I knew I had to make happen. I am the fourth homes she has had in the past month! Wow! She is definitely my little princess!

Tomorrow she goes to the vet to get her stitches removed and spayed and all her shots so I'm a little bit nervous, but I'm sure she will do fine!
Well I just got her home from the vet and she did great!!!

I was very nervous but she did fine.

They said that she is definitely a hound/german shepherd mix and that she has healed extremely well from the accident. I think they took out somewhere around 50 or so stitches which was more than I thought she had. I think the actual wound on her neck was around three inches long not including the whole from the shunt.

I'm just so glad that today is over with and that she is going to heal up fine and be a great dog!
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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