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Hiya, my names Nickie Lou and I'm 20, a student studying graphic design...with a passion for dogs. in fact, it is my thesis subject: how dogs are used as a commodity.

I grew up with a pure bred jack russell called Isaac from when i was 4, and sadly, he died when i was 17. i missed the company so much, so after much research to refresh my memory on dog care, I finally bought myself 2 little girl jack russells in january!

I live at home with my dad who keeps my girls company by day, along with his beautiful golden labrador. my dad is disabled/retired, so the dogs are never alone...and i walk hem all when i get home :)

I have called my dogs Paige and Bramble, more fondly known as Lum and Pie, or B-Lo and they are my world. Clever little things, the are also rather obedient. just thought id say hi to everyone before asking my questions, so..


nickie lou xx
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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