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Hello All

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HI my name is Katie, I am new here and am really excited to read all the posts, I love all the wonderful information. I have a 3 year old mostly American Bulldog, Boxer mix ( Kira ) and a new 4 month unknown mix (Willow), DNA should be coming soon. I always take the DNA results with a pinch of salt but it's fun to get them done anyway :). They are both rescues from Mexico and are seeming to get along pretty well. Playing does get a bit heated at times but it's easy enough to calm them down. I wanted to put up a picture of Willow and get some suggestions on what breeds people see in her. I love trying to figure out what a dog is mixed with or guessing the pure breeds and then looking at the DNA and comparing. I tend to always guess some exotic breed mixes and the DNA always comes back as a normal mix of Shepard, Lab, Chow, Pit etc.. which is fine with me, the mixyer the better. So here ya go. The dark merle is Willow the unknown she is about 4 months old and is 18 inches at the shoulder and weighs about 25 lbs, the tan is
Kira the AM Bulldog Boxer, among other things mix
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Welcome to the community! I love Willow and Kira please let me know when her DNA results come back. My random guess is 70% Chocolate Lab 20% Pit Bull and ima just leave the other 10% blank bec tbh I have no idea
Pretty girls. If you had said that Willow was a Catahoula Leopard Dog, I would have believed you.
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