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hello all

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Hello, my name is Sam and me and my partner adopted our beautiful lil girl Bella from the RSPCA on Saturday. She is a 3 month old Lab cross (will post pics as soon as i upload them to the laptop).

Neither of us have owned a dog before so it is both the best joy in the world but also the most nerve wracking and sometimes frustrating. I know we will have loads of questions so thanks in advance for all the advice, tips and opinions.

One question i do have straight away is - is there anything i can do to keep her away from a certain area? she is allowed in all areas of the garden except for the flower bed which, of course, is the one place she really wants to explore so is the any way of stopping her? we have tried 2 different types of repellent which are supposed to have smells that dogs dont like but she couldn't have cared less about them. any and all ideas are welcome.

anyway, i look forward to getting to know you all and sharing in the wonders that are our dogs.
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Hello Sam & welcome to df.
The only thing I can think of for an immediate solution is to fence off the garden I gave up having a garden in my backyard 9 yrs ago when my son brought Sooty home. She totally distroyed the back yard & now Tilba has made it a lot worse.
You can train her not to go there but you would have to watch her at all times & disuade her from going there.
There are some excellent stickys in First Time Dog Owners & other questions on looking after a new puppy.
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