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I'm Caitlín.

And this is my partner in crime, Brógan (apologies in advance if the images are big):

He's a chesapeake bay retriever who just turned 4 the 10th of November, and is currently recovering from GI obstruction surgery. He's quite energetic, loves swimming, retrieving, jogging, hiking, chasing our cat, and lying by the hearth in the evening. I used to do hunt tests for fun with him as a puppy because I knew it would be something he would enjoy/be good at, as well as a good foundation for him. We don't do them anymore because the local club got relocated too far from here to keep up with, but he has plenty of bumpers and frisbees that we play with all the time (it's his favourite thing to do). He adores his adopted brother Jake (my parents' black lab) and my dear friend's dobermann. The three of them are inseparable when they're together. He also gives really fantastic hugs (when you're sitting on the ground, he scoots himself as close to you as possible and puts his head on your shoulder), and does a fantastic 'chessie smile' when he's super happy.

His evils are that he gets bored very easily (which leads to chewing/destroying things...though he's WAY better about this than he was even a year ago) and is very protective of our property (mainly our house, and my car). While he's never ever bitten anyone or even attempted to, he puts on quite the intimidating show of barking and howling and growling and raising a big ruckus for the first two minutes of someone coming into the house or garden. After that minute or so of ruckus though, he melts like butter and wants nothing more than a scratch on the back and some attention.

I'm an art student currently in my final year at university. Brógan is the first dog I've owned personally, though I've grown up with three others; a lab mix, another chessie, and a black lab (Jake, who we currently live with at my parents' house), as well as worked at a dog daycare/boarding/training facility for four years. Brógan goes nearly everywhere with me; he is my studio assistant, security alarm, trail companion, and motivator. My favourite things are similar to his; hiking, jogging, swimming, outdoors in general, as well as art, learning languages, reading, and playing the concertina.

So I'm here for general chat, tips, and advice from time to time. Looking forward to it :wave:
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